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The Inner Game of Life Beyond Stress

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The Inner Game of Life Beyond Stress

With Elizabeth Prather

A 3 month group program for conscious professional women who are tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and looking for happier, more fulfilled lives.

Transform your life for deeper connection, emotional balance,

meaning in your work, and purpose in your life.

Is this you?

  • Are you frustrated, feeling mentally exhausted on a regular basis?
  • Are you a successful professional, yet often feel anxious or fearful of failure?
  • Are you distracted, unable to focus, and finding it hard to complete tasks?
  • Are you trying to balance all your responsibilities, yet feel like you are drowning in to-dos, deadlines, and expectations from others?

And, when you give yourself a minute to think, you say to yourself:

  • “I desperately need more calm, clarity, and balance in my life.”
  • “I know there is MORE to life…”
  • “I have to schedule some ME time or I don’t know how much longer I can keep this pace up.”

If that’s the case…you are not alone. And, this program is for you!

The Inner Game of Life Beyond Stress is a life-changing program, in which you will embark on a journey of transformation:

  • significantly reducing your stress
  • becoming more focused and less distracted
  • becoming unstuck and grounded in what’s important
  • accessing the inner resources to greater self-confidence and joy
  • getting out of the ‘doing trance’ so you can be the best version of yourself
  • exploring resilience and developing the courage to deal with the inevitable challenges life presents
  • becoming clear on the ways in which you sabotage your own happiness, and where happiness comes from
  • finding calm, peace and clarity that fills you with compassion, for yourself, and others

You will also:

  • find that 15 minutes a day for YOU that translates into more time and energy for others
  • be introduced to many ‘micro-tips’ on ways to integrate mindfulness into your life to improve your effectiveness at work and harmony with colleagues and your personal well-being and relationships outside work.

During our time together, you will be invited to:

Commit to a mindfulness meditation practice (minimum of 10 minutes a day), for the duration of the program. In this way, you will be hard-wiring your brain to achieve the goals and intentions that you will set.


Elizabeth’s course offers diverse tools to incorporate mindfulness and stress-control techniques vital to one’s daily life. She guides you in an easy and friendly way. As an instructor, Elizabeth is understanding and compassionate. She practices the art of Mindfulness and is generous when passing on her knowledge to others so they too may strengthen their own practice skills.

.- Maria, teacher and translator

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5 R Model of Transformation:

In our time together, we will take a heroine’s journey with the following framework:



Learn the art of relaxing and how it is a foundational element to our healing, learning, and success. We explore the mechanics of negative stress so you can unwind from its clutches and learn a mindfulness meditation practice that will be your anchor throughout the program.



Limiting beliefs and things that don’t serve us. Learn about emotional intelligence and how understanding our emotions is key to understanding ourselves and others.



Those things that you've been missing – joy, balance, confidence, self-compassion, feelings of ‘enoughness’, calm, and feelings of peace, and wholeness. You decide what area of your life you want to work on.



With your renewed sense of clarity, purpose, and self-love. You learn how to be more resilient, sleep better, manage change more easily, and feel more energized.



You come away with a renewed sense of self, purpose, and clarity of vision for your live. You understand that to be fully present with what IS, right NOW, is where your power to know ‘I’ve got this’ lies. You will also come away with the wisdom and tools to live a life with grace and ease.

See what others are saying about working with Elizabeth:

Elizabeth was generous with her time and expertise…she is an inspiring human being and was one of the best aspects of learning mindfulness.

– Palisades Charter High School administrator

For the first time, a daily meditation practice has felt really accessible, thanks to Elizabeth's clear instruction, the pacing of the program, and the variety of techniques she shared. Her approach grounded the benefits of meditation in both science and real life, so that I was able to easily understand how this would start to impact all aspects of my day-to-day.  As a coach, Elizabeth was an invaluable sounding board for my insights, and pushed me to grow.

- Emily True, Product Manager

Elizabeth provided a mindfulness course and it has had a lasting and positive impact. Working with Elizabeth is an investment in yourself…that you will be forever grateful for.

– Janet Hamilton, Deputy Director, Project Access NOW

Hi, I’m Elizabeth.

I’m a mindfulness and meditation mentor who helps conscious professional women transform their lives away from stress and burnout, and into lives of meaning and purpose.

I used to be in a highly successful corporate career. I worked my way up the ladder until I was Vice President for a multi-million dollar health management company. I had great experiences, great supervisors, and employees. I really enjoyed my jobs…until the last few years.

The stress of the 60 hour weeks started to affect my health and relationships, sabotaging colleagues had me doubting my capabilities, and along came the boss from hell. Suffice it to say, I began to question everything, including the work, my purpose, and what’s important.

I left the corporate world and took a sabbatical. I had been introduced to meditation as a corporate executive but wanted to explore it more deeply.

And, as they say, the rest is history...

I spent years in India, Nepal, and other Asian countries, immersing myself in meditation, wisdom teachings, retreats, and teaching meditation.

And, in 2010, I embarked on a 3-year silent meditation retreat in the high desert of Arizona.

After coming out of retreat in 2012, I knew that I wanted to share these inner practices with others, especially with people like you, trying to navigate the stresses and challenges of life in our fast-paced world, and in these uncertain times. So, here I am today!

A little more about me:

I am a fan of 'The Hero's Journey', and through meditation and mindfulness, have found my own superheroine within: she’s centered, yet feisty, she knows her gifts, she’s rolling with the punches a little better each day, and she’s grounded in her skin.

With 25 years of using meditation as my North Star – practicing it as well as continuing to learn from the masters, I have realized that the key to all that we are looking for starts with our own minds, and how we integrate it into every area of our life.

Come join me and we’ll do this together…

What's included?

  • Weekly virtual group sessions with Elizabeth – training, meditation practice, and more (1 hour)
  • Lifetime access to recordings will be available.
  • Recorded guided meditations by Elizabeth
  • A private community only for members of the program
  • A community of like-minded women that will help inspire and uplift you. Meditation is especially powerful in groups and this is a wonderful opportunity to experience that.
  • Overview of various meditation techniques
  • Techniques for helping develop habits more quickly
  • Numerous mindfulness and meditation tools and tips for leading a more fulfilled and happy life
  • Resources, i.e. videos, articles, etc. to help you on your journey to your desired outcomes

Just for a moment,

Pause and take a deep breath in…

Release it…

As you take your next deep breath in…

Is this resonating with what you are yearning for right now…

Guidance that can help you tap inward to your deepest knowing…

If there is even a little yes, I welcome you to take that step (or leap) for yourself…

Let’s do this…together…

Bonus #1: When you join, you will receive a private onboarding session with Elizabeth - help you get the most out of the program!

Bonus #2: For a limited time, receive an additional 30-minute private session with Elizabeth

How much is a life of joy, fulfillment, and meaning worth to you? The Inner Game of Life Beyond Stress will give you the practices and tools to create the life you love.

See what others are saying about working with Elizabeth:

Elizabeth’s session was wonderful.  She provided so much evidence for why leaders and teams should engage in mindfulness training and practice.  

Her presentation also included several opportunities to practice the skills and see how easily they can be incorporated.

As someone with a lot of mindfulness experience and training, I found the information fresh, useful and presented in a way where I can now use it with my team.

– Felicia Taghizadeh, Women Presidents’ Organization member

It took me a little time to get the idea that meditation was not an arduous ritual, but an opportunity to relax and let go…

Judy and I have been making meditation a regular part of our routine thanks to the inspiration we came away with from the meditation workshops.  Thanks Elizabeth!

– Paul Wallace, retired

So sorry that we are at the last session. It has exceeded my expectations. Your [Elizabeth’s] ease and pace have been so very comfortable. This is obviously a calling for you. How lucky we were to have been able to engage with you.

– Sheila H., Director of Operations, Project Access NOW


How long is the course, and when does it start?

This is a 3-month course with weekly one hour sessions. The sessions will be hosted on Zoom and recorded if you can’t make it virtually in-person.

How much time will I have with Elizabeth’s direct guidance?

Elizabeth will be leading all weekly sessions and offering opportunities for Q&A. She will also be sharing guided audio meditations that you can download to keep.

What makes the course different?

This course is designed to bring us back to presence again and again, as we explore training our minds and nurturing our hearts to realize our goals and find peace. It is only through understanding and working with the mind that we can expect to be released from stress, and find the calm and wisdom to not only cope, but thrive in life.

The transformation model that Elizabeth has developed (5 Rs) incorporates wisdom teachings, neuroscience, positive psychology, and deep mentoring, to ensure that you find the mental freedom and happiness you are seeking.

Why mindfulness and meditation now?

We’re all going through this global pandemic together. We’re enmeshed in divisiveness. There are fires, hurricanes, floods, and so on. There is no better time to learn meditation and practice mindfulness!

These practices have been around for thousands of years, and continue to be relevant in modern times as support for our mental and physical well-being. In addition, they are deeply important to our spiritual development.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes! You can pay in 2 installments.

Will I need a Facebook account?

Currently, we will have a private Facebook group for participants to share, inspire, and collaborate together (maybe you’ll want to connect with an Accountability Buddy?). Thus, it would be helpful to have a Facebook account. Yet, all trainings will be done via Zoom, not on Facebook.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee, if you are not getting the value you expected from the program. We must be contacted via email at info@theprathergroup.com within 14 days.

A note from Elizabeth:

I believe in supporting those that have less, so a portion of your program fees will be donated to various charities, and non-profit organizations. May all beings benefit!